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Norman is one of my original characters, he's a little fun-guy who has featured on a variety of products.


I use digital illustration as main medium, using procreate to design all of my patterns, illustrations and custom portraits.


I love working with watercolours to produce softer illustrations and also combine original watercolours with digital illustration. 


Custom digital portrait illustrations for use as profile photos, as gifts and logos.


I use pattern design in lots of my products, from fabrics to bookmarks. They are often inspired by nature and literature.


Over the last 9 months I have been developing my ceramic skills, through courses at Cabalva Ceramics and self-led development. 


Head to my Past Projects page to find out more about my client work. If you would like to work with me just send an email!


Bookmarks have been a staple in my shop from day one, capturing books through simple illustrations and pattern design.

272267607_5156925694340012_9057122176632487770_n (1).jpg

From time to time I like to experiment with other mediums, particularly lino and pencil illustration. 

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